Hethersett Parish Council

Hethersett Parish Council has 14 Councillors who are elected to represent the best interests of local residents. The four-year term of this Council commenced in May 2019 when the full Council was open to election. Your Councillors, all of whom live in Hethersett, are: Adrienne Quinlan   (Chairman),  Stephen Slack (Vice-Chairman),  Leslie Dale, Dr Anne Edwards,  Shane Hull,  Chris Morriss, Eileen Mulvaney, John Nightingale,  Marilyn Savory, Mike Stark and Bridget Williamson.    There are currently three vacancies which can be filled by co-option.  For further information on the role please click on the ‘Councillors’ tab in the heading bar or contact the Parish Council Chairman or Parish Clerk.  The Parish Council can exercise legal powers to run certain local facilities and services and its activities are funded by an extra cost known as a “precept” added to each householder’s Council Tax bill. For the year ending 31st March 2020, the precept is £114,000. A Parish Clerk, Annette Palmer, is employed to act in legal and administrative matters and as a point of contact for residents. South Norfolk District Council consults the Parish Council on all local planning issues, appeals, inquiries and licensing where these affect Hethersett. The Full Council meets on the third Monday of each month, except August.  Members of the public may attend and speak before and after the business of the meeting. The Council, either through its own activities or by giving assistance to other village groups, is involved in providing, maintaining and protecting: • Open spaces • Grass cutting in the Village and Churchyard • Footpath lighting • Litter control • Seats and shelters • The Village Hall and skatepark  – The Memorial Playing Field and facilities and the Village Hall are run by respective Managememt Committees seperate from the Parish Council, with nominated Council representatives on the Committees. The Parish Council helps with funding to both village amenities.

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