Would you like to be a Parish Councillor?

Do you have an interest in how the Parish is run?  If the answer to this is yes and you have some spare time, you may be interested in becoming a Parish Councillor.  This is a voluntary but very rewarding role.  People of any political or religious persuasion are eligible to become a Councillor, although their personal views should not extend into their Parish Council work.

What does the role involve?

As a Councillor you contribute to the work of the Parish Council by:

  • Having a say about the services we offer and putting forward ideas for improvements.
  • Contributing to discussions on how much to raise through the Council Tax in order to successfully deliver the services we offer.
  • Identifying issues which are important to the lives of the residents you represent.
  • As part of the Planning Process, commenting on planning applications (Parish Councils are statutory consultees) made in the Parish of Hethersett.
  • Working together to bring about improvements through local projects and lobbying other service providers to seek the best outcome to local issues.

How much time is involved?

A Parish Councillor is normally elected for a term of four years but if your circumstances change and you find you can no longer meet the commitment, you can stand down mid term.   The full Parish Council meets on the third Monday of each month (excluding August).  The meeting commences at 7.30pm and normally lasts between one and two hours.  Councillors are expected to attend these meetings on a regular basis.

Additionally, we have a number of committees and working parties.  The number of members and the frequency of meetings varies for each committee.  Parish Councillors are invited to join these committees based on their particular skills and interests.  Further details of the committee structure can be obtained by contacting the Parish Clerk.

Is there anything else I need to know?

Should you be elected or co-opted onto the Parish Council, you will be requested to complete a Declaration of Acceptance of Office.  Additionally, all Local Authority Councillors whether at Parish, District or County level have to, by law, register any financial or personal interests which should be reviewed regularly and updated as required.  Parish Councillors are required to declare any interests they may have in matters to be discussed at the start of each meeting or as soon as the interest becomes apparent.

All registers of interest for the Parish Councillors of Hethersett are published on the South Norfolk Council website.

Parish Councillors are also expected to comply with the Code of Conduct which details how Councillors are expected to behave to one another and to the public they represent.

How do I apply?

Parish Council elections are held every four years.  The results of the uncontested Parish Council election on the 2nd May 2019 can be found below:

Uncontested Election Results 2019.

Following the uncontested election from the 7th May 2019 there will be three vacancies on the Parish Council which can be filled by co-option.  Please contact the Clerk if you would like any further information on how to apply for the role of Parish Councillor.